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cabo san lucas

A friend recently asked me for some Cabo San Lucas recommendations and once I got everything together I realized this would make a really good blog.  My husband and I have been going to Cabo San Lucas since 2008. We go at least once a year and now that we live in LA, the flight is less than 3 hours! Yay!

So, why do we love Cabo so much?

1. Sun and beaches- we both love warm weather and my husband always says that he can completely relax and decompress when his toes hit the sand.
2. We both speak Spanish- Most of the people in the resorts and restaurants are fluent in English, so you really don’t have to ever break out the Spanish, but we like to. While we are both a tad rusty, we enjoy being able to speak the language. I remember one time I ordered a “fresa margarita” and the waiter came back with a regular margarita and I said, “Oh, I wanted a strawberry one” and he replied, “Oh! You were speaking Spanish to me…I thought you said fresh margarita.” We all had a good laugh.
3. It’s beautiful and there are so many things to do- There are so many things to do if you want to venture out of your hotel compound, which I would highly recommend doing.

Here is my short-list of recommendations of things to do while you’re in Cabo

Restaurant Recommendations (Be sure to make all dinner reservations prior to arrival. You will find that you have very few options if you wait until the last minute.)

These are high end options:

  • Edith’s Cabo San Lucas (must go)- get the bananas flambe- it’s our favorite
  • Bar Esquina Cabo San Lucas- good for dinner and drinks with live music
  • Tequila Restaurant in San Jose del Cabo (must go if you do the art walk)
  • Cocina del mar los cabos at Esperanza Hotel- great food, amazing view, very pricy, romantic.
  • Nic San Cabo San Lucas– Expensive, but they have an interesting menu with Japanese/ Mexican fusion, think sushi dishes with jalepenos and cilantro. I would recommend to only go to the one in Cabo San Lucas, the one at Palmilla is super quiet.

Lower Priced food options:
Mi Casa Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo (must go)- a little kitchy, but we go every time. They have a balloon hat maker, mariachis and bird fortune tellers (yes this is real….my husband hates the birds and says no every time). They have fun souvenir tchotchke to buy too, think dia de los muertos stuff, hand made artisan works, etc.
Panchos Cabo San Lucas- One of our first finds and still consistent when you want a lower key meal. Very crowded place, reservations are good, but not necessary.

Night Life:
Cabo Wabo– Check in the box with retro rock music, the people watching is great.
Me Cabo Rose Bar for night out- Very nice, we did New Years Eve here one year.

Thursday night art walk in San Jose del Cabo (must go)- November – June only – go to Tequila Restaurant afterwards (see above).

One of the many resorts we’ve stayed.
The sunsets do not disappoint.
The Pacific Coast
Tableside Bananas Flambe making at Edith’s
Dinner for 2 at Edith’s
Bananas Flambe



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  1. Dear Claire,

    The photos are gorgeous. I assume Gordon took them. How lucky you are to be able to travel and visit Mexico. and eat exotic food. Good for you!

    1. Thanks Grandma! I actually took most of the pictures. Glad you like them! Yes, we love going to Mexico, it’s one of our favorite destinations.

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