Winery Picnic Tips and My Favorite Essentials

Winery Picnic
If you’ve seen my Instagram, you know that I love going wine tasting and I love a good winery picnic.  If you’ve ever been wine tasting, you probably noticed the strange phenomenon that wineries rarely have food.  If they do have food, they usually don’t have much variety and it won’t be gluten-free (I’m gluten intolerant).  Therefore, I’m in the habit of packing a winery picnic when we go wine tasting.  I’ve packed quite a few at this point, so I know what works and what doesn’t, so I’m pretty much an expert on how to pack a winery picnic.

Here are my Winery Picnic Essentials:

Winery Picnic
  1. I decided that instead of buying a picnic table cover that I would simply re-purpose one of my Turkish beach towels.
  2. It can be very windy on a vineyard, so these colorful cloth napkins come in very handy.
  3. I love these great melamine salad plates and they all fit in the picnic basket.
  4. Pack an all-purpose cutting board
  5. I love to bring music with me too, but make sure that you’re not bothering other people.  I love this Beats Pill.
  6. I also really love my insulated picnic basket.  Not only does it hold cups and plates, but it has an insulated section to carry your food too.  I decided to get rid of the cups and the plates because they had BPA and get my own.  I decided to go with stemless shatterproof glasses from Govino.
  7. Make sure that all of your food is in separate containers.  I really love the compartmentalized container that I used in the photos, it keeps 5 different items separated but in the same container for easy transportation.  It’s BPA free plastic which is lighter than glass and non-toxic.  Unfortunately, the one I have is sold out but put the links below to two new ones that are currently available.

Most Commonly Forgotten Items for a Winery Picnic:

  1. small trash bags
  2. disposable utensils
  3. wine and/or champagne stopper
  4. soft cheese knife
  5. hard cheese knife
  6. paper napkins (if you don’t use cloth)
  7. wet naps
  8. wine opener

Here Are Some Wine Tasting Picnic Menu Ideas?

As far as food goes, if I’m able to pack everything beforehand, I usually go with food that’s easy to grab and doesn’t need utensils.  Basically I stick with finger food, like:
  1. Veggies: baby carrots, celery, bell peppers.
  2. Fruit: watermelon (if it’s in season), other fruit or berries.
  3. Cheese: I usually stick with hard cheeses because they transport better than soft cheeses.
  4. Prepared meats: I like prosciutto and salami.
  5. Bread:  I brought a gluten-free option, but a regular baguette would be perfect.
  6. Nuts
  7. Popcorn: I like to make my own with butter and rosemary.
  8. Hummus
  9. Crackers
A big thank you to Sanford Winery, for letting me use their beautiful pergola on their Lompoc property for the video and photos.
Winery Picnic

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