Onyx Youth Magnet Mask Review

Onyx Youth Magnet Mask, charcoal magnetic mask

This week I’m sharing my Onyx Youth Magnet Mask review with you.   Thank you to Onyx Youth for gifting me this item and here is my honest review for you.  I’ve seen other magnet mask videos on Youtube and Facebook and I was intrigued, so whenOnyx Youth reached out to me I said “Yes!”.

The mask is made in Korea and contains a unique blend of botanical oils, volcanic minerals and amino acids.  This charcoal magnetic mask is an iron-rich formula which is removed with a powerful magnet that lifts impurities and rejuvenates skin.  The kit comes with: Onyx Youth Mineral Mask, Mask Applicator, Magnetic Wand and  Magnetic Wand Covers

What do I think of the Onyx Youth charcoal magnetic mask?  Here’s my honest review:

This mask is different than the charcoal masks that rip off your skin when they come off, we’ve all seen the horrible videos.  The charcoal magnetic face mask was very easy and smooth to apply to my freshly cleansed face. I kept it on my face for the directed 10 minutes.  Then I wrapped the magnetic want with one of the provided plastic covers to remove the mask. At first I was shocked by how the wand was attracted to my face, check the video below to see my reaction.  The wand doesn’t even have to touch your face to remove the mask.  Mask removal was very simple and that there was no pain associated with it. My skin felt smooth and bright afterwards.

After removing the mask, the instructions suggest to rub the botanical oils and minerals into the skin.  I was a bit worried that the botanical oils might make me break out.  I also found the oils to be a bit heavy for my already oily skin, so I washed my face afterwords.  My skin looked radiant and smooth after removing the mask and my breakouts improved over the next few days.  I really like the results of the mask and my skin looks clear, firm and radiant.

What is the verdict on this charcoal magnetic mask?

While I love skincare, I have to admit that I am not usually one to do a face mask.  However, the results of this magnet mask has made be a believer in the value of doing a regular face mask.  So what is the bottom line?  Well, I would definitely recommend the Onyx Youth Magnetic Mask Kit because I’m loving how my skin looks and feels.  Who wouldn’t love a mask that has anti aging and rejuvenating properties right?

So, there you have my onyx youth magnet mask review and to get your own Onyx Youth Magnet Mask just go the Onyx Youth Website and use code “bemagnetic” at checkout to get 20% off.

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Remember, to get your own Onyx Youth Magnet Mask just go the Onyx Youth Website and don’t forget to use code “bemagnetic” at checkout to get 20% off.  If you try it, please let me know what you think in the comments below.


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