My Current Beauty Favorites

Beauty Favorites

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite beauty products that I currently use all the time and cannot see myself living without anytime soon. I always seem to have conversations with my girlfriends about skin care and products that we’re currently loving.  These 3 items recently came up in conversation and I wanted to make sure that you know about them too.  

My Beauty Favorites

Neocutis Eye Balm-I love this eye cream! I was having trouble with dryness under my eyes leading to some creepiness.  I mentioned it to my dermatologist and she suggested this eye cream and it’s what she actually uses too.  A friend who literally looks 15 years younger than she is recently mentioned that she hated the creepiness under her eyes, so I told her about this products and she’s a believer now too.

Perfect Formula Pink Gel Coat– I love simple one coat wonder to strengthen your nails.  Sometimes my nails peel and this is one of the best products I’ve found to fix the problem.    I like to have my nails done but I hate the time it takes to do your nails yourself or to go get a manicure. With this product, all you have to do is put on one coat and it stays for a whole week and your nails look clean and fresh.  Not only does it come in this pretty light pinky sheer shade, but it also comes in a clear gel coat so you can use it as a base coat too.

Whipped Argan Oil Intensive Hand Cream– I love this hand cream, I know I keep saying that, but it’s true.  I’ve mentioned it before on my Instagram too. It adds a lot of hydration but doesn’t leave your hands feeling greasy afterwards, which is always an issue for me. 

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