Holiday Gift Guide for the Hard to Buy for People on Your List

holiday gift guide
Here is my holiday gift guide for the hard to buy for person or people on your list.  We all have that person on our list that essentially has everything they need/ want or a family member that lives far away so you don’t know exactly what to get them. Here are some of my favorite places to shop, because I have way too many hard to buy for people on my list.
  1. For those recipients that love fruit you can always do a fruit of the month club, but my particular favorite fruit this time of year are navel oranges from is Pearson Ranch. When I used to live in New York City I found the winter months to be the most difficult time for me, one problem was the fact that I could never find great fruit. I started doing some online research and I came across Pearson Ranch. I love their California navel oranges.

    navel oranges
    Pearson Ranch Navel Oranges
  2. Another website that I like to find gifts is the MOMA store.  They have a great selection of fun deals under $50.  These items are very high design, high concept, so they will always have great impact.  Whether it’s a large gift or stocking stuffer, these gifts will not disappoint.  You can find everything from a child’s gift, to hostess gifts and don’t for get a little gift for yourself, like this cool vase.
    vanishing vase
    Moma Vanishing Vase

    gifts under $50
    Moma Store Deals under $50!!
  3. Another great site that I love is called Goldbely. I have lived in several places are across the US and there are certain foods that I miss. They also have monthly food subscription options or get a specific food you know they’ll love, like I know that my husband is a huge fan of the Essa everything bagels. We used to live less than a block away from them and that is probably one of the biggest places that he misses in New York City.  Maybe you have a friend from South Florida and they are really missing stone crab right now, they have that option too.
    esa bagels
    NYC Esa Bagels

    stone crab
    Stone Crab
  4. For the make-up lover in your life, how about a cool new eye shadow pallet form Smashbox.    I just picked up this one for myself and I love the fact that it comes with an eye shape guide and 3 looks tailored for each eye shape.  How cool is that?

    Full Exposure eye shadow palette from Smashbox
  5. Who doesn’t love fresh flowers?  You know I do if you’ve seen my social media accounts.  I’m loving the flower subscription service from The Bouqs.  They’re currently offering 25% off if you get a subscription service.

    the bouqs
    The Bouqs
  6. For the health food lover in your life, how about a getting them a subscription to Love with Food?  You can get it now for 25% off.  All of the food has: No artificial flavoring, coloring, or MSG, No trans fats and hydrogenated oils, No high fructose corn syrup and Snacks are natural, organic and there is a gluten-free option too. For every food box delivered at least one meal is donated to a local food bank.

    Love with Food
    Love With Food Gluten-Free Box. Try it at 25% OFF

I love giving gifts. I always try to think of something different and unique whenever I can so I hope you like these options.  If you end up using any of them please let me know.


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