Gluten Free On the Go

gluten free on the go

Sometimes out of the house and you need to eat. This can make a gluten free person panic, but fret not, here are my Gluten Free On the Go secrets to eating on the go and not being hungry.  When I know that I’ll be out running errands all day, I always have food in my handbag.  This is something learned while living in New York City, you never knew when your regular commute was going to be disrupted because of a sick passenger or stalled train.  It didn’t happen very often, but I learned to be prepared.  I like to have at least one bar on hand, like Van’s Bars, or Kind Bars.  I also always have a pack of nuts too, the packs by Emerald Nuts are great, my go-to is the Almond and Walnut pack.  I always have two options, just in case I eat one and don’t replenish it, I still have a back up.

When I’m on a road trip, the good gluten free on the go options can be meager, but here are my tried and true Fast Food stops when I’m in a pinch.

  1. In-N-Out Burger– you can get any of their burgers protein style and you can eat the shakes and fries.  Holy Cow!!  I know this one because my step-daughter is a huge fan and researched what i could eat.  In-n-out has never let me down.
  2. El Pollo Loco- there are salads and many other options that are gluten free.  Here is their gluten free menu.
  3. Wendy’s- Just take a look at this menu for the gluten free options.  Yay!

OK, so sometimes there is NOTHING that’s gluten free….or at least I’ve had this experience.  I cannot find a restaurant or fast food place that has gluten free options (or at least ones I’m willing to try).  I’ve had this happen at airports too.  So, what do I do?  If there are no fresh food options, I find Frito chips and Cracker Jacks.  If there is fresh food, I find a simple salad, fruit salad or a non-parfait yogurt.  I must admit that this situation has not happened to me in years because gluten free is so much more popular now, but I remember the days when I was traveling and subsisting on water, Fritos and Cracker Jacks….ugh.