Should We Stop Eating All Gluten Free Processed Foods?

Gluten Free Processed Foods

With the recent recalls of gluten free processed foods such as Cheerios (check out my blog about this from last week) and Ocean’s Halo Gluten Free Seaweed Chips. It can really make you stress about what you’re eating. My whole philosophy about being gluten free stems from the fact that I started this lifestyle back in 2007 before the proliferation of gluten free processed foods. Therefore I had to eat real food that was naturally gluten free or make my own gluten free items. I still keep that same philosophy.

I know that’s it can be very easy to go pick up a gluten free frozen meal or other gluten free processed foods at the store, but should we always be concerned about possible contamination? In light of these recent events should we be more stringent about what gluten free items we buy.  Who should we trust to tell us the truth about a product really being gluten free?  Should we be wary of everyone because they all want to cash in on this gluten free fad?

Many of us are extremely busy and don’t have the time to put into making gluten free food which can sometimes be more time-consuming to make because of the lack of quick non-processed options like pastas, bread etc.   I have to say that’s why I love some of the awesome things on my blog like chicken enchiladas , soups, rice dishes like Risotto.   All of these recipes make several servings and can be frozen to eat later.

The keys to healthy eating, whether you’re gluten free or not, is still the same eat foods closest to their natural state as possible, i.e. foods that are the least processed.  I just recently reinstated my fresh fruit and vegetable subscription because I didn’t want to have to worry about getting enough fruits and vegetables in my diet. The fact that they deliver to me every week, makes it so easy to eat what I should be eating.

When I was a baby, my mom would make all of my baby food.  I never ate pre-made baby food.  It’s funny but people thought my mom was crazy to do that, but she was actually on the right track.  She taught me to always look at a packaged product’s ingredient list and if you couldn’t pronounce any of the listed ingredients that was probably good indicator that the product should be left on the shelf.   I know that I cannot only eat food that I make from scratch, I eat out and travel too much.  These recalls have opened by eyes and I’m going to be much more aware of where my food comes from.
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